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Summer Stringband Lessons (email if interested)

Summer Stringband Lessons (email if interested)

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Note: The cost is $150, however email if interested as we do NOT charge anything until we can schedule a group. 

Summer Stringband lessons match up players into a stringband formation (fiddle, banjo, guitar and when available bass and more). (These sessions are 2.5 hours that will include breaks to play games and watch music videos.  

All levels are welcome as we try to match similar enough playing styles.  Interest is sometimes more important than a specific ability. 

Location is also decided upon once we work out the schedule.  Our main meeting spot is Wilmington Cooperative School, but this is a shared space and depending on what we schedule. I also have access to various churches, etc.   Times and location will be agreed upon before payment. 

What age does the student need to be?  This is designed for teenagers in middle and high school.

However, if your student is younger than a teenager and THEY are interested, I would still email as we are always open to 1) if there is enough players to form a younger group or 2) if a younger child's ability and maturity can hang with the older kids. 

Does the student need to have their own instrument?  Yes. Just tell us what instrument the student will bring at checkout at the online store.  

Does the student need to be good at their instrument? No, that's why we have these lessons.  If they haven't learned any chords yet, then contact us as we can offer a prep package so they don't miss out on this unique learning experience.

Can the student play an instrument other than what is listed? Contact us through the contact section of the website if their is another instrument the students want to bring so we can discuss if that's possible.