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Learn To Jam 102: Songs of Camp Creek Boys - 4 Mondays at 6 pm; Starts April 9th

Learn To Jam 102: Songs of Camp Creek Boys - 4 Mondays at 6 pm; Starts April 9th

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Learn to jam through the songs of Camp Creek Boys. A great mix of fiddle and singing jam tunes from these legends of old time stringband music.

Planned Songs include: Lonesome Road Blues; Fall On My Knees; Cotton Eyed Joe; Old Joe Clark; Let Me Fall; Fortune; June Apple; Soldier’s Joy; Suzanna Gal/Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss.

This package includes 4 Group Lessons.

Mondays: April 9th - April 30th

Dates of Classes: April 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Time of Classes: 6pm to about 7pm-ish.  

Bring a banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele or bass.


Can beginners come? Beginners are best to start off with our Learn to Jam Class first.   We do ask you know the following chords: D, G, A, C, E, Em (contact us for if you need a few prep lessons.) 

Is this for Adults?  YES!   From ages 16 - 116. 

Do I need to have my own instrument?  Yes. Just tell us what you will bring when you checkout at the online store.  

Do I need to be good at my instrument? No, that's why we have these lessons.  If you haven't learned any chords yet, then contact us as we can offer a starter package so you don't miss out on this unique learning experience.

Can I bring a different instrument? Contact us through the contact section of the website if you have another instrument you want to bring.